Eternal Vendetta

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Eternal Vendetta 5 (1)

-Author name: Sami Hayabusa-

In “Eternal Vendetta” the life of Suzune, a 20-year-old girl, takes a tragic turn when her family is brutally murdered. Unbeknownst to her, the culprit is her best friend, Yudachi, driven by a dual motive of revenge and the desire to obtain a powerful amulet from Suzune’s ancestors. This amulet grants superhuman abilities to its possessor.

As Suzune embarks on a quest for revenge with the help of her friend Yuki, she remains unaware of Yudachi’s true identity as the murderer. The story unfolds in a web of secrets, vengeance, and the supernatural, as Suzune grapples with her emotions and connections to both her friends and the mysterious amulet. Will she uncover the truth before falling deeper into the shadows of her own destiny?